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Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other Stuff



NECC Unplugged:

Maggie Tsai & Anne Bubnic

Tag Dictionary Management.ppt




Bookmarks and Beyond: Class Bookmarking Groups and Research 2.0

Maggie Tsai, Anne Bubnic and Vickie Davis


BackChannel Conversation_Diigo Session.html



I. Bookmarking Basics - Maggie Tsai

maggie@diigo.com, Twitter: @diigo

A. What is social bookmarking?

B. Signup

C. Diigo Bar

D. Installing the The Firefox Plug In

E. What is annotating a web page?

F. Extracting Annotations for research?


II. Making & Managing Social Bookmarking Groups - Anne

Diigo_Power_User Secrets.ppt

abubnic@mac.com, Twitter: @abubnic


A. What are bookmarking groups? - Public Groups - Educators AD4DCSS

B Summarization - Keys to Effective Tagging. - Anne

C.Organizing and Using Lists - Anne

D. Embedding lists into a website

E. Troubleshooting


III. Pedagogical Uses of Social Bookmarking in the Classroom with Examples -Vicki

       Twitter: @coolcatteacher

A. Flat Classroom

B. Tag Rolls vs. Link Rolls - The usefulness of each

C. Bookmarking Assignments and Assessment

D. Setting up a class group and privacy level selection

E. Feeding to Delicious

F. Auto-posting to your Blog


IV. Diigo on the iPhone - Maggie


V. Topics for Further Discussion / Backchannel Questions

A. Autoposting linkrolls to a blog

B. Embedding tagrolls and link rolls into a wiki

C. Discussion Forums

D. Rubric Samples

E. Backchannel Questions 

F. Diigo vs. Delicious

G. Diigo Communities

We will have a backchannel to facilitate discussion, and people will be allowed to join the educators group as the session proceeds.

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